Friday, January 28, 2011

Booty Call.

Sounding like a frat boy farting in to a cell phone, Wind Mobile is the new-ish carrier in Canada.  It's the one things that winds me up the most here.  It was so annoying to find out the hard way that you get charged to receive a text and billed for incoming calls.  When I first got here I was with one of the big boys called Rogers who didn't play fair from the perspective of what I was used to.  Like a bully they milked my money hard.  I suffered from Rogers Rage on a regular basis.  I'm now with 7-11 who gave me a free Slurpee and made everything better.

Anyway Wind are currently running a contest to make your dream call come true.  Over on you can apply for the chance to have a chin wag with the person from your wildest dream.  Taking part in the contest is easy, simply say who your  intended conversational chum would be and why in the form of a video or text.  As well as some touring booth submissions and easy as pie webcam chats they are encouraging creativity as the chosen five will be selected in part by voting and judging panel.  There's some amazing entires with an upside down face complete arms erupting from nostrils and a living version of the Sweedish Muppet Chef wanting to say hurdy-gurdy to Gordon Ramsay (let's hope he doesn't tell him to eff-off)

It reminded me of some old adds on TV in the UK for the company One 2 One which evolved in to T-Mobile like a Pokemon licking telecoms radiation.  In the commercial they gave celebrities the choice of who they wanted to dial.  Seems they took the technology out of the toy phone in Poltergeist mixed with Doc Brown's Delorean and voila Kate Moss is chatting up Elvis asking to be his friend and not warning him about cheese burgers.

Meanwhile Chris Evan's dropped in on John Lennon without mentioning Mark Chapman.

So how exactly are one year old Wind Mobile going to get the calls connected?  Well they are going to let the person at the other end of the line choose a charity to have $100,000 donated to.  As well as those five callers another $600,000 will be shared between six other charities.  You can vote for those here

If you aren't satisfied with a chunk of do-gooding cashola in the pockets of the needy you can also win weekly for yourself a $100 Ticketmaster gift cert for in a trio of ways.  Vote, comment or submit your own entry and every Monday a draw will take place.  Take a visit to the Facebook page on Wednesday and answer a question.  Lastly have a stab on Twitter by following @winwithWIND. who would you call and what do you think of the prize when celebrities and the like are more assessable to connect to with platforms such as Twitter?