Friday, December 24, 2010

Techno Re: Rival

So I wasn't the only one on the Advent bandwagon this year. decided it would be more fun to give away $8K in gadgetry each day than come up with kooky images.  I'd like to to the think the pictures I found were worth way more than that.  You had to answer a Christmas based novelty question to be entered in each draw.  I took it a little seriously considering each winner will be selected in a random draw on the 25th.  If the jokes in your crackers fall flat maybe my answers could fill the void without the paper hat. 

What is Mrs. Claus putting in Santa's stocking? 
Mrs.Claus will be putting her sexy legs in Santa's stockings Reeee-ow.

What's Santa using his WhiteyBoard for? 
Santa turns football coach when the big day is all done. He uses his WhiteyBoard to put down his best plays. Elves Vs Penguins. 
Who is Santa friends with on Facebook?
All of the actors who have ever played him in movies.

What will Santa be using his Samsung Galaxy Tab for? 
Santa would totally augment his reality and use it as a windshield on his sleigh.

How does Santa stay healthy at this stressful time of year?
He opens up the gym based gifts tests them out and re-wraps them. The tell tale sign is his sweat, it smells like eggnog.
What is Santa Claus getting Apple CEO Steve Jobs for Christmas?
The power to grow a big white beard.

What is the first thing you will print on your new Epson printer?
A thank you letter or a 3D dragon...I can't make up my mind
Here's the dragon template
and the freaky video

What will Santa be snapping pictures of with his Nokia N8? 
He'll snap the sky in front where he's flying, it's an amazing view apart from all the reindeer butts.
What are the elves getting Santa for Christmas this year? 
Plastic Spock ears so he doesn't feel left out.
 What TV show does Mrs. Claus record weekly on her HP TouchSmart?
Mrs. Claus records Paula Deen's cooking show to get ideas for Santa's meals so he can stay plump and jolly enough to fit in the legendary red suit.
Deep fried turkey y'all?
 What is Santa currently reading on his eReader? 
Naughty or Nice by Eric Jerome Dicke
Which Canadian hockey team does Santa cheer for?
He probably cheers for the Calgary Flames as he wears their colors and the flames remind him of the fire places he has to squeeze down each year. 

How do you keep your laptop from overheating? 
I open the window and let winter in Canada do the rest!
Do you think Santa prefers Twitter or Facebook? 
He totally prefers Facebook all the tweets distracts the reindeer from flying in a straight line.
Assuming Santa doesn't bring it for you, what tech gadget will you be buying on Boxing Day? 
Some kind of gadget that turns coal in to diamonds that way I can profit from being on Santa's naughty list.
How does Santa protect his iPhone 4?
He had Mrs.Claus knit a protective case from hair that the reindeer had malted.

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