Thursday, December 2, 2010

Door Number Three

German snow is my favourite.  I'll never forget coming in to land at Berlin and hearing excited people chirping the same word, Schnee,  like Deutscher Pokemon when they saw the white covering on the ground.  They also have schneit which sounds like it should be the word for slush or a dog pop in an igloo.  It was a strange timed trip in February on year.  I'd just dropped out of art school in my final year and fled to there for a fortnight.  I foolishly skimped on printing out a map to the hostel instead opting to draw a map from glancing at a computer screen, I mean how many town halls can there be in one city?!  Turned out there was an infestation of Rathaus and after going back and forth late at night on the subway I eventually asked a man who took pity on me and drove us to the hostel.  His car smelt musky and he couldn't remember the word for seatbelt but I lived to tell the tale.  The next day I threw up on the street because it was so cold.

Door Number Three

If you're ever in Berlin take this free walking tour

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