Monday, December 19, 2011

Door Number Nineteen

Door Number Nineteen
I guess I was wondering what Christmas would be like in Korea due the news of Kim Jong Il's death.  This photo popped up along with an article explaining the celebration of the season in South Korean.  Thanks to the South, the North will also be having some festivities infiltrate the border in an unlikely form.
This Christmas eve, Peeps - a popular brand of marshmallows will be floated in to the country by a Colorado-Springs based ministry with offices there.
"We believe that for one night, it's possible to share a simple joy with the people of North Korea"

You can sponsor a Peep for $1 here

While I'm sure today will be more about jokes at the dictator's demise, it's important to to hear the stories of those effected by his regime.  Take a look at The Defector, a new crowd funded documentary & interactive project about those who have chosen to escape the journey to freedom.

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